Final Fantasy XIV – Stormblood Inventory Expansion

For fans of FFXIV, the upcoming expansion is one you can’t afford to miss. In fact, this expansion will offer you more options to take with you as you continue your journey. Whether you’re looking to level up, add new characters, or improve your items, this expansion is sure to make your game better than ever.


The new Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy XIV will include a number of new features. One of the main ones is the reworked inventory system. It will also feature a skill system overhaul.

Other features that will be added are a reworked crafting system and a revamped battle system. There are also some new raids. Also, the storyline will be shifted from the current conflict with the Garlean Empire to one of regaining control of Ala Mhigo.

Stormblood will also introduce two new character classes. They are the Red Mage, an INT damage dealer, and the Monk, a melee class. Each of these will be available with a unique skill set.

Stormblood will also feature new emotes. These are inspired by the Asian style of Doma, which is a nation in the Far East. Some of these emotes will include expressions of respect.

Finally, Stormblood will also introduce new weather conditions. Previously, storms were very rare. Now, they occur more often. This will result in a time zone difference for players.

Stormblood will also feature a reworked crafting system. For the first time, it will be possible to reload your items without using a lot of TP. In addition, new traits will increase the speed at which your character recovers GP or CP.

Another feature is a new housing zone. Once it’s open, apartments will be available for rent. When you do quests in that area, you’ll get experience bonuses.

With the launch of the expansion, the level cap will be increased from 60 to 70. There will also be some new dungeons and raids. Along with these, the crafting and item inventory systems will be revamped. You’ll also be able to switch houses in the game.

Stormblood is scheduled to release in Summer 2017. Square Enix has kept some of the details a secret so far. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can preorder Stormblood on PlayStation 4 for dynamic themes.

Those looking to purchase the game will have the option to upgrade their existing PS3 versions to the new PS4 version for free. Preordering will also include dynamic themes made in 3D.


Stormblood is the next expansion to Final Fantasy XIV. It will introduce two new character classes. Additionally, it will raise the level cap to 70. Lastly, it will introduce an overhauled skill system and battle system.

In addition to the two new jobs, players will also be able to take on new quests and complete dungeons. They will also be able to take on a new zone called Rhalger’s Reach. As well, they will be able to fly and dive in the Ruby Sea.

Stormblood is set in the fictional planet of Hydaelyn, which is home to three main continents. There are three major areas of Hydaelyn: Doma, Shirogane, and Eorzea. All of these regions will feature new content, including a new zone, associated zones, and zone-specific missions.

The story of Stormblood starts with the failed rebellion against the Garlean Empire in the Ala Mhigo region. After the Empire captures the area, Zenos yae Galvus takes over, and he is able to easily defeat the Warrior. However, he leaves the area, leaving survivors. Eventually, the Garlean Empire decides to turn to religious persecution.

After the Garlean Empire is defeated, the Eorzean alliance makes its way to Ala Mhigo. Players will then be able to join the resistance and lead rebellions against the empire in the imperial provinces of Doma.

The main story of Stormblood continues with the Warrior of Light going to the Asian-inspired lands of Doma. In this area, players will be able to join the deposed Crown Prince and the Ala Mhigan Resistance. A new dungeon will be introduced in the Under the Moonlight patch, along with new trials and sidequests.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll want to check out the free trial of Heavensward, as well as the new patch called A Realm Reborn. You can also continue playing the game on PlayStation 3 until the end of the summer. During this time, Square Enix will no longer support the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Finally, Stormblood will feature a revamped battle system. As such, it will place a higher emphasis on visuals and gameplay. Other features include a revamped skill system, an overhauled combat system, and two new character classes.

Items that you’re meant to discard

There are many new things to see in FFXIV: Stormblood. However, there is only so much room in your inventory to keep all of your loot. For this reason, it pays to be selective when choosing what to put in your bag. You can also choose to sell your crafting materials to NPCs in exchange for a few coins in the bank.

In short, FFXIV: Stormblood is an engrossing experience, one that should not be overlooked. It also boasts a handful of new features, including two new jobs, a new area to explore, and a redesigned combat system. To round it all out, the game is also home to a handful of turtle-like Kojin tribes who live in the Ruby Sea. This locale is also the only port city open to foreign trade. Those who do not wish to settle for the port city of Kugane may opt for the sands of time.

The aforementioned items have their heyday, but if you are unable to resist, there are a few ways to get rid of your stuff. One option is to sell your crafting materials to an NPC, while another involves a little luck of the draw. A third way is to dispose of your unused items via the more mundane method of burning them to ashes. While the last option may seem counterintuitive, it is the most viable option. With this in mind, you will have a more streamlined and enjoyable experience. Getting rid of clutter in your FFXIV inventory is not a task to be taken lightly.

Release date

If you have a Final Fantasy XIV account, then you might already be aware of the upcoming Stormblood expansion. The update will add new content to the game, including two new jobs and an updated skill system. It will also raise the level cap from 60 to 70.

Square Enix announced that the expansion will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. It is scheduled to launch in early June. However, players can pre-order it starting January 24. In addition, a Collector’s Edition will be released that features exclusive in-game items and box art.

The Stormblood Collector’s Edition will include the base expansion, a Syldra mount, a Wind-up Bartz Minion, a Zenos yae Galvus figure, and a cloth map of Eorzea. Also included in the package are exclusive in-game items, such as a Chicken Knife and a Stormblood logo sticker.

Besides the new job and class, the update will introduce a revamped battle system and an expanded inventory space. Additionally, there will be a new housing area, called Shirogane. Players will be able to purchase apartments in the area. They will also be able to move their plots whenever they access the sign board.

Final Fantasy XIV will also be updated to version 4.0. This will allow players to categorize skills, which will make it easier to switch between jobs. The update will also include new dungeons, raids, and items.

Final Fantasy XIV’s second major expansion, Stormblood, will be out sometime during the summer. Players can pre-order the expansion for PlayStation 4 or PC. There aren’t many details yet, but the release date is expected to be around June 20.

Stormblood will feature two new jobs, a new class, a revamped skill system, a new zone, and new gear. While the patch isn’t out yet, developers have released preliminary patch notes. Some of the most notable changes will be an interface that will make it easier to learn the new job skills and an increase in item and armor inventory space.

The main theme song will be composed by Nobuo Uematsu. He is the original composer for the FF4 trilogy, and he also wrote the songs for Heavensward and Dragon Quest VIII.

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