Guild Wars 2 Mini Review

The Guild Wars 2 Mini is the smallest version of the game, but it packs a big punch. It is not just a smaller version of the main game, but it includes new items and features that will bring a whole new level of fun to the game!


Liadri the Concealing Dark is a boss in the third tier of Queen’s Gauntlet. It’s a hard fight that can take hundreds of attempts to beat. If you’ve managed to defeat her, you’ll earn the title ‘The Blazing Light’.

To tackle Liadri, you’ll need to do two things. First, you’ll need to keep your opponent on the left. This is a trick that helps to avoid the ranged attack from Liadri.

Second, you’ll need to protect your character from his instant-kill attacks. One way to do this is to throw a crystal at him. Another is to use illusions. Illusions spawn periodically throughout the fight. Using an illusion can give you an opportunity to throw at him. Then, you can lead him into a glowing vortex, where he’ll die instantly.

The other key part of the fight is the dark clones that Liadri summons. These clones will be walking towards you. They are very powerful and can make your ranged attacks very difficult to reach. However, they can be obstructed by a shadowy orb.

After a few hits, the clones will be in close proximity to you. You can either run them off or use a shining orb to pull them away.

Once you’ve done these, you’ll need to hurl a projectile at the dark clones. During the second phase of the fight, the clones will begin to form an AoE. These AoE attacks cover about a quarter of the arena.

Mr. Sparkles

If you’ve played the Guild Wars 2 game, you’ve probably seen Mr. Sparkles. However, you may not have been aware that he’s a rare mini. Unless you’ve been in the right place at the right time, you’re unlikely to get him. Luckily, you can win him through a special charity event.

Despite his name, he isn’t actually a supervillain. He is a fictional character that was originally planned to appear in the Big Hero 6 film. In fact, he was one of the villains that was being planned for the movie. But when the project was put on hold, he went into hiding.

When he was discovered, he was in a lot of trouble. He had been tied up in a warehouse, where he was mind-controlled by Mayoi. He was also being attacked by Mordrem. It wasn’t until Di was able to fix the damage that he was able to save him.

After he was saved, Sparkles returned to explain the real situation. Eventually, he decided to leave his criminal life behind and become good.

Previously, he had been a convicted felon, but he was released early after he had shown some good behavior. He became a popular and controversial figure.

For that reason, he tried to get into the hotel and challenge Go Go to a fight. But he wasn’t successful.

Once he’s back in the spotlight, he’s a tad bit upset. He’s started getting mad that people aren’t liking him anymore.


Despite the name, the Mini Shadhavar is a pretty good sized hooved octopus with an eyeball weighing in at around 800lbs. You can buy one from the Pretress of the Shrine Karima in the Heart of Thorns expansion for a modest 1000 gold. Not only is the mini a worthy prize, it’s not difficult to find other like-minded individuals who can provide a fun time akin to a game of capture the flag. The miniature has its share of shortcomings though.

On the other hand, the miniature is a tad on the bland side. For instance, it is hard to justify buying another mini when there are many more interesting and engaging content choices to be had. Thankfully, the miniature is not the only mini to be found in the game. If you’re looking to score some of the best swag without breaking the bank, consider the miniature’s more seasoned counterparts. Having said that, the miniature is a bit of a challenge to obtain. As such, the Mini Shadhavar is ideally suited to a high-end guild’s trophy case. Nonetheless, the miniature has a high level of interest among players with a decent enough gaming budget.

For a more thorough test of the miniature’s longevity, it makes for a swell trophy to be presented to a storied guild member. Likewise, the miniature is a great prize to receive in a guild-wide competition.

Living World Season 4

The fourth season of Guild Wars 2 mini content is set to launch on November 28th. It will include new open world zones, PvP arenas and new raids. All of these changes are a direct continuation of the original Path of Fire expansion. However, they are also an opportunity for the GW2 team to rethink and update the game.

The season will feature a new mount, Warclaw. This mount will allow players to fly around in the air, and even hover over objects. There are a variety of skills that the mount can perform, including damaging gates and finishing downed foes.

Besides the new mount, the Living World Season 4 also brings several new maps and fractal dungeons. These maps are part of a larger storyline, so players will be required to complete the main storyline in order to unlock the new areas.

In addition to the new maps, players will be able to purchase additional bank space and discipline licenses from the Gem Store. Players will be able to choose from four different types of discipline, each of which is based on an elite specialization.

As well as the six new dungeons, the season will also introduce new raids. These raids will lead into the second half of the main storyline.

Another new aspect of the Season 4 release is the Daily Living World. This will cycle through maps, with each map completing a daily challenge. If you don’t complete all of the maps in a day, the progression will reset.

Feature Pack

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in the high fantasy world of Tyria. It takes place after the defeat of the Great Destroyer, but Tyria has fallen into a state of decline. The humans have been pushed to the south, while the Charr have reclaimed the land.

Aside from being one of the most unique MMOs, Guild Wars 2 also offers several fun ways to customize your characters. This includes a new Wardrobe system, which makes it easier to manage the appearance of your clothing and dye colors.

Another new feature in the April 2014 Feature Pack is a revamped Trading Post. The interface is much simpler to use, and the search function has been improved.

In addition, ArenaNet will make some substantial changes to Heart of the Mists. The new combat system is designed to be more dynamic and synergistic. Instead of the complex Magic-style skill system, the developers are going to give players more options for customization.

In addition to these new systems, the Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Feature Pack includes some improvements to existing features. These include new PvP-exclusive rewards, new systems, and new armor sets.

Also, players will be able to witness the birth of Sylvari. Players can also learn more about the various races of Tyria.

Several improvements will be made to the Guild Wars 2 World versus World Skirmishing (WvW) system. In addition to the new skirmishing UI, the LFG system will also be improved.

Extra Life

The Guild Wars 2 developers outdid themselves with their Extra Life Game Day. It’s the sixth year for the charity event. They’ve raised over $500,000 for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. This year’s event, held November 4 through 8, features a new NPC named April.

This 10-year-old girl is an avid gamer, singer, dancer and performer. Her story inspired the narrative design of the game. She has overcome many life-threatening illnesses. Now she’s a national champion for Children’s Miracle Network.

You can donate to this charity by going to the Extra Life website or Facebook. Donations are used to fund research and equipment for pediatric medical centers. Every year, a different goal is set. Some streamers have fun milestones to meet, such as donating a certain amount of time or dying their hair.

In addition to the donation options, the Extra Life Game Day also features Twitch Drops. These are minis that are modeled after specific NPCs.

There are more minis to be released later. However, there are a few minis that are already available in the open beta. One of these is the Revive Orb.

Other cool things you can do during the 24-hour livestream include donating your own personal pet’s name. For example, if you’re a dog lover, you could donate your own pet’s name to the Extra Life charity.

A mini is a small item, such as a statue or a pet, that’s only available for a limited period of time. They’re based on characters and enemies in the game.

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